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My first Picspam EVAAAAA!!!

19 Aug

So here goes. And the generic one-liners below the images are going to be there too.

Of course Maki has to start this. BTW, this is when I proposed to her, and she said she would love to be my wife. And I’m a terrible liar.

Maki sees me and smiles. And I see her and I go batshit insane because she didn’t have those boobs 3 years ago.

Tomomi counters Maki’s sexiness and hotness with cuteness and beautifulness. It’s an even match, and my mind is right now at some Nirvana-ish kind of state. God I love these two so much I could make a threesome with them (but I don’t want to).

LinLin and Gaki are pissed at Tomomi. They despise everything ever associated with AKB48. So they shoot their Mayuge Beam all over the girl!

But Tomomi calls for backup. When they less see, a shitload of girls are all around them, with Tomomi in the center (it couldn’t be the other way). They quickly overwhelm Gaki and LinLin.

If I were a girl, I’d totally go lesbian for Nacchi.

Aibon smokes…

… makes weird-ass photo books…

… and gives a fuck about what you (and many others) think. She’s overly cute, BTW.

This image is so epic it has to be BIG. And because if I resize it, Yaguchi would be nowhere to be found. She really rocks that outfit, even if it is ridiculous.

Momoko. Girl. When will you grow up? I mean, I don’t want you to look like a 12-year-old for the rest of your life. It could make all the normal persons uncomfortable when thinking about you. Still, wotas won’t mind.

Bunny, you can’t dance for shit. WTF is that pose all about anyways?

Oh well. I guess my daily Usa-chan PEACE! makes up for it. Michishige, I love you.

Ayaya, you have always rock my world. You are like the John Lennon of H!P.

And then here is Ayumi, looking pretty. She’s beautiful. She’s in my Top10 favorite J-music singers. And she’s not part of H!P nor and idol. So let’s stick to the topic, shall we?

I think I just had an eyegasm.

Then we have some Tomomi’s pictures just because it’s my blog and I put everything I want in here, even if it’s shit.

If I were a policeman, I’d surely arrest Tomomi for being to cute.

That up there was a terrible joke.

That’s cute. I love girls who play dumb and spoiled, all cutesy and whatnot. Hate the rough type.

Maybe not.

Enough with the horse-face jokes! This girls shares her birthday with me and I won’t allow offense against this girl!

This is Tsunku♂. He does NOT take shit from anybody. Specially whoever AKB48’s producer is.

A totally unrelated image.

Shitty costumes, awful video, amazing song. I don’t know why is everybody bitching about it.

So this is it, folks! Finished the stupid picspam. Now I have to get some sleep, because right now I’m so high because of sleep deprivation I can’t even feel my eyes (nor the most part of my lower body). So if you excuse me and my humble existence, I’m going to sleep until the sun rises with a new day (pretty talk to say I’m going to be sleep at least ’til 1 pm). See ya later.


The generic AKB48 bashing post A.K.A. What’s the big deal about AKB48, anyways?!

13 Aug

I haven’t actually heard AKB48. There’s something in the back of my brain that tells me I’m going to commit treason for doing so. But this day, I’m going to do it. And for fuck’s sake, I’m going to try to enjoy it!

First of all, I’m going into YoutTube to look for some AKB48 material that looks promising. And when I say promising, I’m actually saying the very first song I run into. Might be shitty, might be good, might cum in my pants while seeing it, whatever. So yeah, here goes nothing.

EDIT: Motherfucking video won’t load. Anyways, the song was RIVER, great song BTW.


Guess what? It’s not bad. The music kicks ass and the video (although with parts in live performance) kicks ass too. And the girls are pretty, I can’t deny it. And I can partially get why AKB48 is so famous these days. LOTS, and I mean LOTS of fan service. I mean, I couldn’t stop seeing the girls legs and stuff, and you know how much wotas love those parts of the human body. Oh God, I’m falling in love…

…or maybe I just wanna fuck with them.

Whatever. Their music is great, and the girls sure know how to move their bodies on stage. The only thing that I don’t really like is their fucking huge numbers. I had a pretty hard time remembering everyone in H!P back in the day, and if now I wanna get into “AKB and friends”, I’ll get pissed of at their numbers. But that’s ok. With fandom comes sacrifice, aye?

Know this, I’m a big fan of H!P. And I believe they will always be my #1 girls ever. Just because I’m going to start hearing other idol groups doesn’t mean I’m going to stop hearing and loving H!P. I’m just saying.

So yeah, AKB48 is the big deal now, and I accept it. So Tsunku, you better get the fuck out of your chair and make some work, or else…


9 Aug

I have grown tired of graduations. I saw my all-time favorite member Goto Maki graduate. I saw Kago Ai graduate (and being fired). I saw Kaori graduate. It just doesn’t get to me anymore.

Nakazawa isn’t surprised either.

But I believe people are over-reacting to this new announcement.

Ok. If you hadn’t read anything about H!P recently, you might not know that Kamei Eri and the Pandas are graduating this fall. I was surprised, because I have never seen a 3-nin graduation. I got a little bit mad because of LinLin (seeing as she is my favorite member of this line up, just besides Michishige), and I too understood Kamei’s position. She’s ill, she needs treatment. I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE HOW YOU ALL FANS ARE SELFISH ENOUGH TO GET MAD AT HER OWN DECITION, GODDAMIT! -mad mode on-.

Ok, let’s get things straight. No, the girls are not supposed to be in the group like, forever. Yes, JunJun & LinLin didn’t had the exposure they deserved, so it’s for the best they graduate. I mean, back in China they had a (fairly small) fame, so if it’s true what I’ve read and Tsunku is still going to produce them (in any way possible) then their fame is only going to raise. And YES! Kamei has to treat her illness in order to stay in showbiz. And FUCK YES! There will be a 9th Generation! The first time in 3 motherfucking years Tsunku is going to move his ass and get some new girls.

“Hey Look! How can I give a fine fuck about auditions if I’m singing in a swamp while I rape some innocent flowers, huh?!”

Now, I have read a lot of blogs talking about these news, and all are like: “Booohooo, Now my top 3 is no longer here, boohooo I’m soo fuckin’ sad, boohooo WTF TSUNKU! Boohooo I’m way over Momusu now, gotta be an AKB48 wota”. Come on people, seriously, is it that bad? 9th Generation, anyone? Nope? Oh Zombie-Jesus. It’s all good! I mean, we get to see new faces, new personalities, new booties (ahem), and so on. I’m actually very excited about this. I mean, since when we haven’t got an actually INTERESTING personality in Momusu? Takahashi can’t be funny for shit nor can talk by herself, Niigaki is getting kinda old, Tanaka hasn’t changed since she got in the band (actually she was more interesting before with the Yankee stuff) and Mittens is boring as hell. Michishige is the only interesting personality now (you have to admit it, if it wasn’t for her Momusu wouldn’t have the exposure they are getting now. I mean, she’s the only one being invited to variety shows).

Michishige Sayumi — The only not-lame-ass personality in Morning Musume since Fujimoto Miki’s graduation. And Koharu Kusumi Too.

So now what? Very funny you ask. What? You didn’t? Oh, well, then I just have to answer it fucker.

Momusu has to go to the “get relevant or die” road. It was a serious blow to the fandom because there are fewer girls to love than before. The auditions are a good thing, and graduations more-o-less good too. For now on I hope Tsunku gets some cocaine in his coffee, so for a change we can have some REAL  music (not shit like Mikan).

You heard me? You’re shit.

Oh God. I don’t wanna know what will happen when Takahashi OR Reina graduate. Now that’s going to be an apocalypse for sure.

Hehe. Enjoy this smile while you ca~an ♥.

How it started…

7 Aug

Hello there. I’m Explosive Isamu. You can call whatever you want, I don’t really care. Whether it be “Faggy” or “That freaky Mexican dude”, it doesn’t matter. But hell, just remember me goddamit.

It all started in 1999’s fall. I was in Japan with my sister (she lives there) and, because I pretty much couldn’t speak English nor Japanese, I was bored as hell. I didn’t went out to see the people, or to play. I was just sitting in a sofa, staring at a (weird at the time) television show. There was these strange little guy and this other tall dude who apparently were making fun of a bunch of girls, ’cause the audience was laughing like crazy and the girls were all embarrassed. I didn’t understand what was the theme of the show (if any) and I was getting way bored than before. “Those girls are pretty” said my not-that-pervy 11-year old self while he watched the show. My sister came by and smiled. “Oh, so you are watching Utaban!” She said in a high voice, but I just saw her with a “WTF?” expression on my face. Utaban, what the hell in name is that? Some obscure, weird Japanese program for sure.

She sat at the sofa and then, when the camera panned all over the girls’ faces she said with a smile on her face: “And their guest it’s Morning! Get the fuck aside little brat!”. She then sat on the sofa and watched that TV show. I was beside her, way more bored than before. “Morning? Like, what the heck is “Morning”?” I thought.

Then,  paradise hit me in the face like a truck.

Their song was broadcasted. It was such a kickass song I nearly had an orgasm. I had never heard anything like it. It was so catchy… so pure, so energetic (unlike the dumb-blonde stereotype kind of music back then). I grew addicted to it. Soon enough I saw myself with the single they sang at that TV show. I remember it was called “LOVE Machine”.

I loved Morning Musume since then. Although I did forgot about them in about 1 year, in early 2002 I re-discovered them, fell in love again and spend my money in those singles again. “This is it. This is what I’m talking about.” I thought. This was my music.

… well, all of the above is halfway the truth. But the real thing that got me into Morning Musume was:

Maki GotoOh god Maki ♥.
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