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Cute Chibi Sayumi is cute.

1 Sep

This girl is epic. If you think otherwise, you might very well be retarded or a Wan-chan (read: Aika) fan.

As you might guess, I love Sayu. She’s my #4 in my Musume Top 5 , my #7 in my H!P Top 10, and my #11 in my J-Pop GRRRLS Top 20. She’s pretty much the average girl I would want to have a long-lasting relationship. And if luck is at my side, maybe I will marry her someday! Oh, we would have 3 girls and one boy, and the four will be the prettiest cute little bastards evaaar! That sounds cool, ain’t it?

But enough. Looks like the new semi-single is going to kick ass. I heard the leaked version, and although shitty in what audio refers, it sounded catchy and pretty lively. Just what the Musumes are really lacking of lately. I mean, who can forget “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari”, hyper “Koko ni Iruzee!” or the legendary (and heavily overrated) “Souda We’re ALIVE!”? Heck, I was even taking a liking for Mikan, and I hate that fucking song. Although recently I have been moving my legs with its rythm, so most likely thing to happen it’s that I’m going to like it in the end. Fuck.

But while I wait for my Love MACHINE to happen, I can has some sushi?

“I can has some TakaMichi sushi and JunJun sauce? -waits- Nya… -the meal arrives, with an extra ingredient- FUCKIN’ SHIT IS DIS, DOG! FUCKIN’ AIKA JUICE?! GET DIS SHIT OUTTA MAH FACE!”

I just hope that crazy motherfucker with this little symbol (♂) gets his ass out of his chair and does something productive. He totally has to make “Moonlight Night ~Tsukiyo no ban da yo~” a freaking single. That song totally rocks my world producing crazy ass explosions that destroy everything in sight… or a TRMWPCAETDEIS. Damn, too long, have to make it shorter.

I mean, that song makes me shake my head till it explodes. Has the right beat, the right mix of instruments, the right balance of music (to make it shorter, Kamei, Reina, Takahashi, and Niigaki with Sayumi in the last solo. That’s how it is supposed to be, isn’t it?). Just love the song. It was Love At First Heard.

But the sushi song that’s what I’m looking out for. I like ridiculous and weird shit, and if the song is like that, I’m, most probably, going to be satisfied. Very satisfied.

And a Yaguchi image just for the kicks.
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