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Takahashi Ai to leave. Graduation haters gonna graduation hate.

10 Jan

When I went to H!O I wasn’t really planning anything to do in there. “Maybe I’ll hang in Kago’s thread, or in Riho’s”, I said to myself. Then, I saw that the News Feed was updated. The very second I saw Takahashi’s name I knew what happened. She is going to graduate in the Autumn Tour. I covered my mouth with my hand as I smiled, but not a smile of joy, but one of nervousness. “Fuck Off”, I yelled. “Fuck you Tsunku, you’re just trolling us now. That, or I slept for 3 months straight and it is April 1st.”

It wasn’t.

You know, this was bound to happen, sooner or later. And it did take it’s fuckin’ sweet time, aye? You know, 10 FUCKIN’ YEARS ALREADY?! That’s a shitload of time. Actually, I was beginning to think she was never going to graduate. Like, EVER. But, that’d be a trashed talent, wouldn’t it? With her talent I might have graduated sooner, like 5 years or so after her addition. She would have been a kickass soloist back in the day when H!P was worth the time. That was what I was thinking, when I saw that she’s going to leave H!P, too.

“WHAT?!” I yelled, and now for real. “YOU FUCKIN’ ASSHOLES! You have fuckin’ Mano as a soloist but you graduate Takahashi just like that?! ARE YOU FUCKIN’ KIDDIN’ ME?!”. I calmed myself about a minute later. What’s up with that crap anyway? I mean, why would you graduate them from H!P too? They’re cash cows! You just don’t waste a cash cow like that! You squeeze it until they’re out of talent and finally go and sleep with older mans and smoke like they don’t give a fuck! That’s the way, aha aha, I like it!

Ok, now serious business. I do believe she’s going to have a succesful career outside H!P. UFA always seemed to be really biased over Takahashi, so sure, why not? I mean, she’s a crazy badass singer, so it’s not like she’ll disappear in the background. She has what it takes to be an Ayumi. An Amuro. She can be our next J-Pop Queen! Although I do feel a little worried. Now that Kamei is no more and Takahashi already saying bye-bye, Reina is going to get more shit to sing, and of course Risa is going to take Ai’s place. So, we have now 2 spots to fill. Who will fulfill the destiny of the semi-leading vocals?! Of course, it won’t be Sayumi. I love her, but I know she can’t sing, even if her life depended on it.

I’m sorry. But it’s the truth. You’re gorgeous BTW.

I have two suspects. One, it could be Riho. Two, it is or Fukumura, or Aika. I hate Aika and all she stand’s for. But I can’t deny her voice is kinda nice to hear (except when she’s singing nasally, I hate that shit). And I haven’t heard Fukumura, but she’s not Aika, so she’s not a crack whore to me, SO she’s good for now.


What do you think about this graduation? It took me for surprise (although I foreshadowed it in an earlier post… maybe I can see the future xD). I NEVER expected Takahashi’s graduation to be announced just after the past one. But it kinda makes sense at this point. Was UFA going to rest all of Morning Musume’s hopes in her, forever and ever? I don’t think so. Also, it is beginning to feel like the good ol’ Momusu. If next year they make another audition, I’m gonna love it.

PS: I’m very fuckin’ drunk and tired right now. Did you noticed?

-Evil Laugh-

I ♥ U AoiUsa!

6 Jan

I have a little present for you!
























Wait for it.
























Wait for it.


















































9th Generation AND Kikkawa Yuu. Awesome Announcement Is Awesome.

4 Jan

Just when I thought Morning Musume couldn’t get any more badass, 9th generation kicks (a shitload of asses) in.

I was REALLY excited about the announcement I almost forgot to eat. And drink alcohol. I was staring at Wotachat, waiting for something, or someone who could get this impatience out of me. My legs couldn’t stop shaking, and I was wondering who might get in MM. And at the same time praying that Tsunku wouldn’t fuck this shit up, and then, THE ANNOUNCEMENT. Someone over Wotachat was telling us the results (Thanks Murr! I’m your bitch now!), and I couldn’t believe guys at UFA stopped being such dicks and get things straight this time.

I’m really happy! I really am. I haven’t been this happy since 5th gen audition (although at the time I was like “Meh” for Konno. Now, I totally love her) and satisfied too. I mean, when was the last time MM had a really strong singer?!

Explosive Isamu Presents: The 9th Generation.

Sayashi Riho: The “If-it-wasn’t-for-MM-she-would-be-in-AKB” girl.

The cutie of the 4. Also, Tsunku is totally checking out her pre-teen boobs. Bad, BAD man.

I have to start with the talent. OF COURSE. She excelled at everything in the auditions, so why wouldn’t she be (in an alternate timeline, where I’m Tsunku and I’m doing Takahashi) in the group? She was destined to be in MM, right? WRONG. I don’t know what the fuck’s up with these guys at UFA, but they have a thing for sending back home the real talent in the auditions. *cofKusumicofKoharucof*. If you see a girl this age with all that talent, you will be retarded to let her go. Seriously, she’s like Takahashi’s talent, with a bit of Reina’s attitude and confidence and Sayumi’s cuteness.

Suzuki Kanon: The average girl.

“Glad she’s in Momusu, so I can get a chance to figure her out!” – AoiUsa.

I kinda get what AoiUsa means. It’s like, really, what’s so appealing about this girl? I don’t know. I just don’t. May be her smile (she has a cute little smile) or how she sings. She looks really energetic and happy, so I can’t complain anyways. But surely, this girl feels like a mistery to me. Or maybe, just maybe… do I see some resemblance to Ishikawa here? I mean, her face’s shape is identical… I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Stop asking. Her singing is OK, but she can improve. Not like Riho. She’s perfect. I’m so biased. Kill me please.

Ikuta Erina: The mature(ish) girl.

Tsunku is unimpressed and rolls eyes. Me too. For now.

Hey, do I see another Eri in here? She gives me that vibe. When Eri was in the group, I was like: “Meh, this girl is not going far”. And then, OMG ERIC KAMEZOU IS FUCKIN’ FUNNY I’D TOTALLY LET HIM BANG ME OH WAIT HE IS A GIRL THAT’S FUCKED UP. Therefore, I have a lot of my hope in her. She has that kind of potential, that, when used right, can be really explosive! And she’s a natural beauty, so that gives her extra points. Her only bad thing is that she seems to lack confidence, but hell, we have Riho for that, don’t we?

Fukumura Mizuki: The experienced girl.

I feel so guilty for not knowing anything about her sooner.

The Egg world is an unknown one to me. I barely know Sezaki Azusa (who has disappeared. Thank to AoiUsa (or it was Murr?) for pointing that out. Thanks for bursting my bubble, dammit. Now I’m going to stalk you and pop your ass off. That’s a joke. Not. Not.) because I found her utterly cute when she was announced. And the ones I knew are in S/mileage or MIA. So yeah, I don’t know what to expect from this girl, but I’m certain that in due time I’ll get to know more about her. Congratulations to this girl for being the only Egg chosen for MM!

That being said, I love how the 9th generation came to be. I see a really badass year ahead of us!

ALSO! Last but certainly not least, Kikkawa Yuu! HECK YEAH! MOST EPIC SOLOIST IN H!P DAMMIT! CHOKE ON THAT SHIT MANOERI! I’m kidding, I love ya, Mano. More-o-less. But this is great news, amirite? H!P has been lacking soloists, and Kikka is a really beautiful one (Notice: How I don’t give a flying fuck about her voice), and she really deserved to have an actual career in music. “Hey, being an Egg is having a career in music!”. Shut up. I only care about sales, singles, albums, performances and money. And Eggs don’t have that, do they? ANSWER: NO. So fuck off.

How does it feel to not be special anymore, huh?

2011 rules already.


2 Jan

In a couple of hours, we are going to learn the results of Morning Musume’s 9th Generation Audition. I’m scared shitless. Please Chuck, let Riho in. I beg you.

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