Hehehe… wait, WHAT?!

7 Dec


That’s right folks, you are not hallucinating. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the latest rumor to involve our most loved 38 year-old woman… a rumor which, in fact, seems like it’s going to become a reality. CONGRATS YÛKO! I literally got the good news about 5 min. ago! (via Hello! Sayunii)

God, I thought this day would never come. She is going to get married… I remember when the rumors were about her and Nakai-kun. For some reason I used to feel like: “Hey, they aren’t that bad of a couple. Actually, it might work out for both of them.”; I was actually hoping the rumours to be true. But sadly that was not the case. But now, every piece falls in its place. Thing’s are the way they are supposed to be. Yûko with a husband. FUCK YEAH.




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