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What if…?

23 Feb
  • What if you didn’t know H!P exists?
  • What if Tsunku never came up with the idea?
  • What if Yaguchi Mari was to be tall?
  • What if Perfume sucked ass?
  • What if you were in H!P?
  • What if Kago didn’t smoke or loved older men?
  • What if Goto’s brother never stole anything from anyone?
  • What if AKB48 didn’t exist?
  • What if your family knows you like japanese music?
  • And if they do, What if they thought you are lame as fuck?
  • What if Takahashi didn’t have that awesome ass?
  • What if Michishige HAD some ass for a fuckin’ change?
  • What if Yurzilla wasn’t so freakishly tall?
  • What if I knew all of the Eggs’ names?
  • What if you were japanese?
  • What if Miyabi didn’t have that horse-like face?
  • What if Chuck Norris wiped all wota? (You wish that could happen)
  • What if Morning Musume was American?
  • What if you get your ass off your mother’s house, you prick?
  • What if you leave hate comment’s in the comment section?
  • What if Risako was thin?
  • What if I just can’t picture that image?
  • What if Fukuda Asuka didn’t leave Momusu at that time?
  • What if I love Reina when it seems everybody doesn’t?
  • In fact, What if I kick your sorry ass for hating her?
  • What if, for starters, I EVEN could?
  • What if I did a real post since a month and a half I don’t post shit?
  • What if I ask “Why do you care”?
  • What if I was surprised for Takahashi’s graduation?
  • What if your mom was Nakazawa?
  • What if you fap to images of Tsunku? (Seriously, who doesn’t? … You don’t? I mean, it’s not like I do it. In fact, I don’t even fap, like, to anything. Don’t look at me like that. I said, DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! Uhm… look! A FUCKIN’ PELICAAAAAAAN!)
His name is Mr. Pelican and he’ll fuck your shit up.
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