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20 seconds rant.

28 Dec

GOD! Tsunku, I need fucking results already! If you do not give me a result in 5 minutes, I’m going all the way to Japan and kill your sorry ass for making me wait, you shit-eating bastard! That’s right, you better watch your back, you piece of shit, and when the results are up, I want to see more than 3 girls in the fucking group, ok?! I don’t want no Lucky 7 audition. You pull that crap from your ass again, and I’m going to cut your fucking balls off and make you eat them! So, stop being such a fucking douche and GET ALL FUCKING GIRLS IN THE FUCKING GROUP, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT ASSHOLE COCK-EATING BASTARD!



Ah, now I’m relaxed. That felt like 6th generation all over again. Glad that shit is over, the only thought of it sends shivers down my freaking spine, I tell ya… anyway, love the 5 girls. Seriously, all this hating toward Minami… just gets on my nerves. And Riho is such an exceptional girl. SHE HAS TALENT. All I want to do now is wait and discover if they have lame-ass personalities like Momusu nowadays because fuck it, that’s what is in these days, amirite? Shit, I may go all wota for Erina as far as I know. Time will decide, I guess.


Also, fuck the Minami haters all over the world. FUCK. YOU.

And a Tomomi’s image because she totally has to be in Morning Musume. I ♥ Tomochin’s legs.
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