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Scott Pilgrim VS The World

15 Dec

Hey, wazzup. Yes, it is yet another unrelated H!P post. What can I do? Just go along.

I have to make a review about the movie. I just have. Wanna know why? Because, in my really humble opinion, it kicked ass. Major ass, if you ask me. I always had a thing about over-the-top and ridiculous movies (“Hot Shots!”, “American Pie”, “Dude, Where’s My Car?”, and for something kinda new, “The Hangover”), so Scott Pilgrim’s movie adaptation wasn’t going to be the exception (the comic, the way I see it, is the most badass comic ever drawn). That, and the fact that Michael motherfuckin’ Cera is starring at the title role. That sums up the “why” of me watching the movie, actually.

Why would you see it? Well, if you’re not in comics, or in stupid shit, then you have to watch it because of the fights. Specially Ramona’s VS Roxy’s duel. What is better than seeing two chicks (one armed with a big fucking hammer, the other having a metal whip chain sword kinda-thingy) fighting in a party for someone? Namely, not Scott, but Ramona?

When you see that “VS” sign, it means asses are going to be kicked. Hard. Fuckin’ hard. Also, look at Ramona’s expression. The first time you are going to see that chick fight, and she just owns Roxy’s butt. Although barely.

And I mean, I may be biased or something, but the movie is all about Cera (You: Well, duh. – Me: Shut the fuck up.). His performance, his way of speaking, even his movements pretty much resemble what I had in mind about Scott Pilgrim. The only flaw in his personification was that I imagined Scott to be an average built dude, not thin like Cera (and boy, isn’t he thin?!). And how can I forget Mary Elizabeth, who looks so sexy I had to put a pillow on my lap to hide the boners? Or Kieran Culkin, whom I haven’t seen since that movie with those nouns and shit? The movie is a huge orgasm-party for me.


There’s always a but, isn’t it? You know, a little something you didn’t like. Or something you disagree. Like, how they FUCKING DIDN’T SHOW RAMONA’S *SPOILER HERE, BIATCH!* LONG HAIR, OR SCOTT AND GIDEON’S FIGHT INSIDE RAMONA’S HEAD WICH SUPPOSEDLY WAS COMPLETELY EPIC (we are told that by Scott, but seeing how an unreliable narrator he can be… poor Simon. Because Kim’s ex was called Simon, wasn’t he?)!!

Long story short, this is an EPIC FILM. While it could be way badass if they didn’t cut some parts of the comics, it stills has that Scott Pilgrim’s feeling which I fell in love so many years ago. Ok, two years ago.


Next up: A review about Berryz Kobo. Maybe. Wich feeling is stronger? My hate for Risako’s (fat) ass, my love for Miyabi’s horse face, my diarrhea to Momoko’s childish attitude, or my indifference to the rest of the members?

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