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The generic AKB48 bashing post A.K.A. What’s the big deal about AKB48, anyways?!

13 Aug

I haven’t actually heard AKB48. There’s something in the back of my brain that tells me I’m going to commit treason for doing so. But this day, I’m going to do it. And for fuck’s sake, I’m going to try to enjoy it!

First of all, I’m going into YoutTube to look for some AKB48 material that looks promising. And when I say promising, I’m actually saying the very first song I run into. Might be shitty, might be good, might cum in my pants while seeing it, whatever. So yeah, here goes nothing.

EDIT: Motherfucking video won’t load. Anyways, the song was RIVER, great song BTW.


Guess what? It’s not bad. The music kicks ass and the video (although with parts in live performance) kicks ass too. And the girls are pretty, I can’t deny it. And I can partially get why AKB48 is so famous these days. LOTS, and I mean LOTS of fan service. I mean, I couldn’t stop seeing the girls legs and stuff, and you know how much wotas love those parts of the human body. Oh God, I’m falling in love…

…or maybe I just wanna fuck with them.

Whatever. Their music is great, and the girls sure know how to move their bodies on stage. The only thing that I don’t really like is their fucking huge numbers. I had a pretty hard time remembering everyone in H!P back in the day, and if now I wanna get into “AKB and friends”, I’ll get pissed of at their numbers. But that’s ok. With fandom comes sacrifice, aye?

Know this, I’m a big fan of H!P. And I believe they will always be my #1 girls ever. Just because I’m going to start hearing other idol groups doesn’t mean I’m going to stop hearing and loving H!P. I’m just saying.

So yeah, AKB48 is the big deal now, and I accept it. So Tsunku, you better get the fuck out of your chair and make some work, or else…

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