How it started…

7 Aug

Hello there. I’m Explosive Isamu. You can call whatever you want, I don’t really care. Whether it be “Faggy” or “That freaky Mexican dude”, it doesn’t matter. But hell, just remember me goddamit.

It all started in 1999’s fall. I was in Japan with my sister (she lives there) and, because I pretty much couldn’t speak English nor Japanese, I was bored as hell. I didn’t went out to see the people, or to play. I was just sitting in a sofa, staring at a (weird at the time) television show. There was these strange little guy and this other tall dude who apparently were making fun of a bunch of girls, ’cause the audience was laughing like crazy and the girls were all embarrassed. I didn’t understand what was the theme of the show (if any) and I was getting way bored than before. “Those girls are pretty” said my not-that-pervy 11-year old self while he watched the show. My sister came by and smiled. “Oh, so you are watching Utaban!” She said in a high voice, but I just saw her with a “WTF?” expression on my face. Utaban, what the hell in name is that? Some obscure, weird Japanese program for sure.

She sat at the sofa and then, when the camera panned all over the girls’ faces she said with a smile on her face: “And their guest it’s Morning! Get the fuck aside little brat!”. She then sat on the sofa and watched that TV show. I was beside her, way more bored than before. “Morning? Like, what the heck is “Morning”?” I thought.

Then,  paradise hit me in the face like a truck.

Their song was broadcasted. It was such a kickass song I nearly had an orgasm. I had never heard anything like it. It was so catchy… so pure, so energetic (unlike the dumb-blonde stereotype kind of music back then). I grew addicted to it. Soon enough I saw myself with the single they sang at that TV show. I remember it was called “LOVE Machine”.

I loved Morning Musume since then. Although I did forgot about them in about 1 year, in early 2002 I re-discovered them, fell in love again and spend my money in those singles again. “This is it. This is what I’m talking about.” I thought. This was my music.

… well, all of the above is halfway the truth. But the real thing that got me into Morning Musume was:

Maki GotoOh god Maki ♥.

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